Planning Wedding Details

We all hear a great deal, over the course of our lives, about what makes a beautiful wedding. When you think about an ideal wedding, you imagine a flowing white dress for the bride, an impeccable suit or tuxedo for the groom, a towering cake, colour-coordinated table clothes, and majestic arrangements of flowers everywhere you look. Indeed, there is a certain vision of a “storybook” wedding that most people share because of the ideas they get from films, televisions, and even photographs of other people’s weddings. However, when you actually set about coordinating a wedding, you will find that there has to be as much focus on the little things as on the grand, expected features. A beautiful wedding is thoroughly planned and arranged to the smallest detail. Here are some tips to help get you thinking on the right track.

• If you are the bride or groom planning a wedding, you should start with the part that will be most important to you in the long term: the wedding rings! While traditional, plain wedding bands remain quite common, you may also want to look into some more extravagant or original options like those offered at 77 Diamonds. Having a beautiful and unique set of wedding rings can start off your wedding on a great note, visually and emotionally.

• Focus on the bridesmaids and groomsmen’s outfits as much as the bride’s and groom’s! Of course, the white dress will be the main focus, and the bride and groom should look just a bit better than everyone else – but when you think ahead to what your ceremony will look like, and who will be in the most pictures, it’s also important to carefully consider the way in which you will outfit your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

• Don’t simply go for the biggest flowers. Planning a wedding is stressful at times, which means that sometimes it’s easier to simply go for the most noticeable decoration or solution. Instead, however, take some time to pick out flowers that match the tone you’re trying to create with your wedding. A classy and carefully chosen arrangement is better than an overstated one!

• Find creative ways to keep your wedding and reception well lit! Remember, thousands of photos will be taken at your wedding and reception, so it is important to make sure your lighting is appropriate. Depending on the settings you’re using, of course, lighting may not be an issue – but if necessary, make sure to plan candlelight and lamplight well in advance, so that this can’t become an issue when your wedding approaches.

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