Don’t Forget the Loos

When we’re viewing new venues one thing we’re always sure to do is scout out the toilets. Although this might sound a little bit odd we firmly believe that with weddings it’s all about the finishing touches and grotty loos are one of the last things you want on your wedding day.

On the day itself it’s easy to neglect the loos however, more often than not – and of course this is especially for The Ladies – the loos become a gathering place, so it’s nice to make sure they’re really comfortable. At our weddings we like to add scented candles, scattered petals and, if not provided by the venue, some luxury hand soap and lotion. If you want to go further, it’s also nice to add a few basic bits and pieces such as hair pins, blister plasters and deodorant to ensure guests are as comfortable as possible.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget the Loos

  1. Emma

    Great Ideas!

    One of the things that really caught my eye when we were looking around our location is the loos!I’m glad i’m not alone in feeling a little excited about the toilets!! Obviously the rest of the place is great too x x


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