Design Concept: London

There is something very special, almost magical about weddings in central London. The contrast of a wedding against the hustle and bustle of the city creates a truly unique atmosphere. This Design Concept is therefore all about contrast. Style wise this wedding is part modern, part retro; a bride with a short dress and bold scarlett shoes, a cage veil, a sleek modern venue, a vintage Routemaster, delicious contemporary food and a fantastic band. I’d like to see a photobooth for some hilarious guests photos and invitations that make the most of the skyline graphic.

Colourwise, this board is all about the red which again would make for a great contrast against the grey of London. It all sounds like a ball to me!

Photo credits:
Chocolate bars: Style me Pretty
Venue: The Gherkin
Dhalias: The Bride’s Cafe
Cupcakes: Not Martha
Venue: Snippet and Ink
Tube map and underground sign: TFL
Routemaster bus: BBC
Skyline: Via Kathleen Clancy

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