Design Concept: Candy Pink and Scarlet Red

This board was really meant for Valentines day but as I was putting it together I realised the balance between the sharp, fiery red and the soft, sugary pink was hard to perfect so completing the board took a little longer than expected.


I love this board because there is so much contrast it shouldn’t work but somehow it just does. The pink is sweet, innocent and traditional whilst the red is cheeky, contemporary and just a little bit sexy.

Using the right shades of pink and red is essential here; the pink must be feminine but strong enough to hold it’s own against the red whilst the red must be scarlet and acidic enough to create that contemporary ‘pop’.

If you’re translating this concept into a wedding, my advice would be to use the pink and red sparingly and to use a neutral grey-taupe in places to ensure the end result isn’t too overpowering.

Happy weekend everyone!

Photo credits

Bridesmaids dresses: Jenny Yoo at Brides
Orders of service: The Knot
Headwear: Jennifer Behr and William Chambers via Peonies at A Practical Wedding
Cake: Miette
Flowers: Grannies Flowers
Favours x2, biscuits, and pie: MS Weddings
Gown: Oscar de la Renta at Brides

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