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Post Card RSVPs

A few weeks ago while working on the design for a lovely wedding next year, I had a little idea that I wanted to share. We work with lots of couples who have international roots and subsequently are always looking for new ways to reflect this within a wedding. For this particular wedding, I suggested asking guests to RSVP using a postcard from their locality and to include a note on how they know the couple or a great memory they have from spending time with them. These postcards could then be displayed at the wedding (we like washing line style, similar to the picture below) and thus act as some entertainment during the reception.



Postcard: Clarence Ashley
Seating cards: Touch Photography

I Heart: Yulia Brodskaya

The amazing work of Yulia Brodskaya has been doing the rounds for a little while now, especially since it has been heavily featured in The Guardian. I love Yulia’s incredible use of colour and it would be great to commission a piece which was then photographed and featured throughout a stationery set and then used as a focal point at the wedding reception. What an amazing keepsake for after the wedding too.


Colourful Envelopes

There’s a significant birthday coming up in the Lingard household and to celebrate a big party is being planned at the beautiful Thornbridge Hall in Derbyshire.

As part of the celebrations we designed some invitations which needed grey envelopes to finish them off. Having prepared myself for a lenghthy trawl of the web I was slightly aghast when after about 10 seconds I found just the place, Colour Envelopes who do a massive range of shapes, sizes and colours – perfect if you’re DIYing your stationery.


Happy weekend one and all!

Royal Mail Smilers

stamps1The Royal Mail have been offering these customised stamps for a while but I’m not quite sure how many people are aware of them. If you haven’t come across them, Royal Mail’s Smilers let you upload a picture to create one-of-a-kind stamps. Perfect for save the dates, invitations and thank you cards.

Putting the stamps together couldn’t be easier. You simply upload a photograph of your choice and then choose the design of the official stamp from a range of 16 designs (I like this Love one best). You then pay and the stamps are delivered within 5 days of your order. Easy peasy!

Price depends on how many you order and whether you opt for 1st or 2nd class delivery but as a guide is generally around 70p per stamp.

It is a shame that you can’t customise the whole thing and are limited to one of 16 designs – I guess it must be to do with it be the ‘Royal’ mail – but nevertheless I think this is a great finishing touch and an unusual surprise for guests.

Real Wedding: Stephanie and Richard, Stationery

I wanted to share with you some more of the details from Stephanie and Richard’s wedding, specifically the stationery. This was all sourced from Borrowed Blue Press and absolutely beautiful.

Invitation (which came in a beautifully lined envelope):

Inside the invitation:

Snowflake motif:

The snowflake motif also appeared on the table names, place cards and table plan, perfect for the contemporary winter theme.

Menu cards:

Stephanie and Richard also chose orders of service that featured the silver flower paper and which were tied with matching silver ribbon.

All the different pieces of stationery matched perfectly, giving the day a real continuity and so many guests commented on just how beautiful the stationery was!

I Heart: Chartula

Last week at the Designer Wedding Show I got the chance catch up with the super-lovely Charlotte Hewson of Chartula Stationery. Charlotte was there showcasing the latest additions to her gorgeous range of laser cut stationery (I’m head-over heels for the new snowflake design,) in addition to launching her fabulous new Create range. Pictured below, this fantastic new option not only gives you the Chartula magic for a fraction of the cost but also gives all you crafty brides a chance to flex your creative muscles. Create allows you to pick from a range of ready-made covers, inserts, ribbons and envelopes, the whole lot is then posted to you (with instructions) and you get to print out the inserts and put the whole thing together yourself! Pure Genius! The new range is priced from £2.50 an invite and will be available from mid November. I love it!