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Design Concept: Aqua and Red


There’s something about the brave combination of these two colours that brings me great joy. Something to do with how the ice blue cools the heat of that cherry red creating a kitsch, retro look.

From my excursions around the web, it seems like this palette is much more popular over in the States and I have to admit that there is something about this concept that makes me want to go and eat an ice cream sundae in a 1950s diner and pretend I’m a character in Happy Days!

Photo credits:
Balloons: Flickr
Invitation: Hello!Lucky
Photobooth: MS Weddings
Escort cards and confetti: Lisa Lefkowitz via Tear Drop Weddings
Cake: Miette
Cherries: Flickr
BM dress: Jenny Yoo at Brides
Stamps: 100 Layer Cake via OSBP
Mailbox: Flickr
Calligraphy: Project Wedding
Dress: Lela Rose via MS Weddings

Design Concept: Candy Pink and Scarlet Red

This board was really meant for Valentines day but as I was putting it together I realised the balance between the sharp, fiery red and the soft, sugary pink was hard to perfect so completing the board took a little longer than expected.


I love this board because there is so much contrast it shouldn’t work but somehow it just does. The pink is sweet, innocent and traditional whilst the red is cheeky, contemporary and just a little bit sexy.

Using the right shades of pink and red is essential here; the pink must be feminine but strong enough to hold it’s own against the red whilst the red must be scarlet and acidic enough to create that contemporary ‘pop’.

If you’re translating this concept into a wedding, my advice would be to use the pink and red sparingly and to use a neutral grey-taupe in places to ensure the end result isn’t too overpowering.

Happy weekend everyone!

Photo credits

Bridesmaids dresses: Jenny Yoo at Brides
Orders of service: The Knot
Headwear: Jennifer Behr and William Chambers via Peonies at A Practical Wedding
Cake: Miette
Flowers: Grannies Flowers
Favours x2, biscuits, and pie: MS Weddings
Gown: Oscar de la Renta at Brides

Once Wed: Amber and Jeff

If you do one thing today it must, must, must be heading over to Once Wed to read all about Amber and Jeff’s stunning wedding. I cannot believe how gorgeous this wedding is and how the couple did so many amazing craft projects themselves. I am especially head-over-heels for their website, save the date packs and escort cards. Also if you needed any more convincing that a photo booth is absolutely the way to go check their shots out – hilarious.

Photo credits:
Amber and Lucida Photography

Design Concept: London

There is something very special, almost magical about weddings in central London. The contrast of a wedding against the hustle and bustle of the city creates a truly unique atmosphere. This Design Concept is therefore all about contrast. Style wise this wedding is part modern, part retro; a bride with a short dress and bold scarlett shoes, a cage veil, a sleek modern venue, a vintage Routemaster, delicious contemporary food and a fantastic band. I’d like to see a photobooth for some hilarious guests photos and invitations that make the most of the skyline graphic.

Colourwise, this board is all about the red which again would make for a great contrast against the grey of London. It all sounds like a ball to me!

Photo credits:
Chocolate bars: Style me Pretty
Venue: The Gherkin
Dhalias: The Bride’s Cafe
Cupcakes: Not Martha
Venue: Snippet and Ink
Tube map and underground sign: TFL
Routemaster bus: BBC
Skyline: Via Kathleen Clancy

Proven Wrong: Red and Aqua

One thing I love about the blogging community is that I’m constantly kept up to date with the most original, daring and edgy suppliers/ideas/weddings out there. Today, the super talented Teardrop Weddings featured a stunning wedding shot by photographer extraordinaire Lisa Lefkowitz. The couple’s colour scheme was an edgy red and aqua, a palette I’ve never seen before and which at first thought I’d think would clash but then:

and this:
Along with this:

and this:

What a happy bride! A what a fantastic, unusual colour scheme.

Be sure to stop by Holly’s and Lisa’s sites for some beautiful (and unique) stationery along with some serious wedding eye candy.

Photo credits: Lisa Lefkowitz

Design Concept: Fiesta Sunset


I really love the colour palette of this latest design concept, it reminds me of summer sunsets and cocktails! I like that the colours are bold without being lurid and theme wise I’m imagining a subtle Spanish influence, maybe a salsa band or a piñata?
For me, this board has really highlighted how fun and effective dahlias can be. I just love the chair back; the bloom’s solid structure teamed with it’s quirky edge. And just how cute is that bridesmaid’s dress? So pretty and feminine and at £40 it’s budget friendly too. I’m also totally in love with the invitation by Nantaka Joy and I think the cube wedding cakes give the board a modern, classy edge.

Photo credits:
Invitation: Nantaka Joy
Tart, cakes, whiskey sour and hearts: Martha Stewart
Streamers: Cox & Cox
Dahlia: Brides
Dress: Oasis
Marquee: Sherman Chu via the A Listers

Design Concept: Picnic Wedding

I’m currently going a bit crazy over picnic weddings. I love, love, love the idea of giving guests baskets or hampers filled with delicious food and sitting down on the riverbank in the summer sun. I’m picturing miniature bottles of champagne, outdoor games lots of twinkling lights and maybe even kite flying.

Admittedly the unpredictable British weather might get in the way of my idyllic dream but I think with a marquee on standby and for use during the evening, this could be a really effective theme. I like the simple, countryside feel minus ‘classical’ floral vintage. I really love the bold colour palette too.

I also love that this concept could be done on a small or big budget. If you can afford it, you could really go to town with a caterer and beautifully package everything. On the other hand, if you’re more budget restricted I love the thought of getting a group of bakers together before the wedding to cook up a storm. I’m thinking perhaps batch cooking cherry pies, freezing and defrosting the day before. Something about a community of people getting together before a wedding gives me goose pimples!
For favours I’m thinking wild strawberry plants, decorated with striped red ribbon or maybe paper windmills. Perhaps a ceilidh in the evening? Oh, how lovely!


Photo Credits:
Strawberries, daisies and hampers: stock photography
Lemon Meringue Pie: he@art via Flickr
Lemonade: Julie Lynn via Flickr
Lanterns: Cox & Cox
Blueberries: BBC Good Food
Dress: RaeGun
Tree: A hard drive golden oldie but I’m pretty sure it’s originally from Brides

Design Concept: Love Birds

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been putting a design board and colour palette around together around the theme of ‘Love Birds’. I love this concept, two beautiful birds who only have eyes for each other and as a hopeless romantic, think it’s perfect for a wedding.

The board is centered around the stunning love bird graphic which has been patiently waiting on my hard drive for a couple of years now (unfortunately I’m not sure where it’s from, any suggestions gratefully received). As for the colour palette, I’m in love with the vibrant but slightly muted colours which create a carnival atmosphere without being garish.
The whole concept would be perfect for a late summer celebration and I picture it in a unconventional venue, perhaps somewhere like the Royal Pavilion in Brighton.


Photo Credits:
Dresses: J Crew
Pencils: Cox & Cox
Feathers: MacCulloch & Wallis
Macaroons: Ladurée
Wreath: Raggedroses
Flowers: Martha Stewart Weddings