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Design Concept: Light, Bright and Breezy


We’re kicking this week off with this light, bright and breezy design board. The inspiration for this board came from these beautiful invitations by Hello!Lucky which are appropriately called Meadow and which we’re using for a wedding later this year. I love, love, love the Meadow design because it’s manages to be modern and chic yet still perfect for a classical country wedding. In the same way, the colour palette for this board focuses on crisp whites, grass greens and a splash of delphinium blue; a fresh and simple approach to the English marquee wedding.

Photo credits:
Dress: Pronovias
Tent: Midcoast
Bunting: Cox and Cox
Delphinums: Me
Bonfire: Flickr
Floating veil and driveway: Project Wedding
Streamers: Lillian and Leonard
Invitation: Hello!Lucky

Design Concept: Spring Flowers


With us still being in deepest darkest winter, I’m starting to crave Spring with it’s longer days and delicate flowers. So when I saw these extraordinarily beautiful macaroons over at Cannelle et Vanille I knew it was time for a Spring inspired board which hopefully brings a breath of fresh air your way on this Monday morning!

Photo Credits:
Macaroons: Cannelle et Vanille
Hairstyle, cake and couple: Project Wedding
Narcissus: The Holistic Shop
Favour boxes: Martha Stewart
Invitations: Paper Divas
Lily of the Valley: The Knot
Blossom: Flickr
Shoes: J Crew
Dress: Watters

Design Concept: Luxurious Winter Wonderland

There is something so beautiful and so special about winter weddings. I think often we can be all too eager to opt for a summer date because we’re counting on the (super unreliable) weather when a winter wedding would be just as beautiful and a fraction of the cost.

Very often the colour palette of choice for a winter wedding is red. Now don’t get me wrong, this can be and very often is, stunning but because I think it’s important to break the mould, the colour palette for this board is something a little different. The rich green and purple used here retain the luxury and warmth of that ever-popular red but are something just a little bit different and I can already hear guests gasping with amazement at bridesmaids in that beautiful shade of green. (The combination of purple and green in all it’s many shades and hues is a fail safe one. Way back when I launched the blog I featured this one which just shows how you can create a completely different feel by simply adjusting the shades of particular colours.)

As for the rest of the wedding I see an uber modern venue just like the fabulous Haymarket Hotel in central London, a super chic cake like this one from April Reed a roaring fire and a twinkling (but ever so chic) Christmas tree. For favours I’d choose modern, minimalist Christmas decorations and for flowers I’d pick something like the beautiful Anenomies pictured above and team them with winter berries and ivy to keep the winter/Christmas feel going. Perfect!

Photo credits:
Banqueting room: The Haymarket Hotel
Keira: This is London
Flowers: Brides
Roaring fire and Christmas tree: Flickr here and here
Cake: April Reed
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Ruby: Gem Affair
Dress: Vera Wang via Brides
Nail varnish: Nails Inc

Design Concept: Blackcurrant Purple and Soft Green


I imagine this type of wedding happening in the winter months, somewhere down to earth (perhaps a farm) and excited guests leaving footprints across frosty lawns. I’d love to see simple, rustic foods balanced by delicate (but quirky) calligraphy and floral arrangements with lots of silvery-grey greenery. In the evening I think some kind of traditional music would be perfect (a ceilidh perhaps), for favours I’d give away Welsh love spoons and for late night snacks I’d serve roasted chestnuts and hot chocolate – delicious!

Inspiration for this concept’s colour palette came courtesy of Nordljus, a beautiful food & photography blog I stumbled across. Now a cabbage isn’t normally something I’d want at a wedding (except perhaps on the menu) but I was really inspired by this beautiful photo. If you are in need of some food eye candy or just have a few minutes to spare be sure to stop by Keiko’s fab blog.

Photo Credits:
Flowers: Rebecca Thuss
Cheese and cookies: Martha
Dress: J Crew
Cabbage: The super dooper talented Nordljus
Trees: Oll Bullough via Flickr
Invitation: Hello Lucky
Dress: Brides
Calligraphy: Minted (please make sure you stop by this amazing site)
Berries: BBC Good Food

Design Concept: Leafy Green


Super busy over at WBZL today so I’m going to let this luscious green concept speak pretty much for itself. I’m imagining a very sophisticated affair with great food, warm lighting and fantastic friends.

Photo Credits:
Venue: The Cinnamon Club
Hairstyle, bouquet: Style Me Pretty
Pears: Taste
Cheese: Truckles and Chutney
Invitation: Minted
Earrings: BridalEmunique
Asparagus: Martha Stewart
Table Center: (I’m sorry I didn’t note this and now I can’t find it, please let me know if it’s yours)

Design Concept: Ice Cream Sundae

My lovely mum came up with the initial idea for this concept & I don’t think I’m going to say much more about it! I’m thinking a Neapolitan icecream colour palette, a retro ice cream van & a ‘candy bar’ with lots of swirly lollipops for the reception!


Photo credits:
Veil & icecream: Brides
Pompoms: Martha Stewart
Ice cream van: Superdry87
Dress: Vintage Studio via Peonies
Bottles: Lorina
Cookies: Peggy Porschen
Cupcakes: BBC Food
Ice cream parlor: PopKulture

Design Concept: A Seaside Soiree


Just back home after a lovely few days in Norfolk. On Friday we took a trip to the beautiful Norfolk coast where we visited the most stunning, unspoilt beach I have ever seen. The water was crystal clear, the sand super clean and the sky the most intense shade of blue. Wedding planning never far from my mind, this beautiful place of course inspired a design concept!

With this concept I was keen to things subtle and resist going over board with all things seaside! Hopefully this board has a good balance of reflecting the surroundings but not feeling too gimmicky.

Central to this concept is the use of light and cleverly bringing the outside in. I’m imagining lots of clear glass, fairy lights, sand filled hurricane vases and tea lights in jam jars. I’ve always loved the idea of a bonfire on the beach and I think this would be beautiful for a wedding. A barbeque of rustic seafood with toasted marshmallows for a midnight snack. Sky lanterns and sparklers just before the bride and groom steal away together. Oh how lovely!

Photo credits:
Hair: Brides
Candles, jam jars, limeade & canapes: Martha Stewart
Bonfire: C J McKeeve
Sky lanterns and beach: Me!
Cupcakes: Rebecca Thuss
Gown: Stephanie Allin
Sandcastle: A Merry Monk

Design Concept: Picnic Wedding

I’m currently going a bit crazy over picnic weddings. I love, love, love the idea of giving guests baskets or hampers filled with delicious food and sitting down on the riverbank in the summer sun. I’m picturing miniature bottles of champagne, outdoor games lots of twinkling lights and maybe even kite flying.

Admittedly the unpredictable British weather might get in the way of my idyllic dream but I think with a marquee on standby and for use during the evening, this could be a really effective theme. I like the simple, countryside feel minus ‘classical’ floral vintage. I really love the bold colour palette too.

I also love that this concept could be done on a small or big budget. If you can afford it, you could really go to town with a caterer and beautifully package everything. On the other hand, if you’re more budget restricted I love the thought of getting a group of bakers together before the wedding to cook up a storm. I’m thinking perhaps batch cooking cherry pies, freezing and defrosting the day before. Something about a community of people getting together before a wedding gives me goose pimples!
For favours I’m thinking wild strawberry plants, decorated with striped red ribbon or maybe paper windmills. Perhaps a ceilidh in the evening? Oh, how lovely!


Photo Credits:
Strawberries, daisies and hampers: stock photography
Lemon Meringue Pie: he@art via Flickr
Lemonade: Julie Lynn via Flickr
Lanterns: Cox & Cox
Blueberries: BBC Good Food
Dress: RaeGun
Tree: A hard drive golden oldie but I’m pretty sure it’s originally from Brides