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Blurb Giveaway


So I’m really excited today to announce that we are hosting our first ever WBZL giveaway and oh boy are you in for a treat! Having long admired the lovely books by Blurb, I was thrilled when the company got in touch to offer 5 lucky readers the chance to win a £30 voucher. You lucky devils!

Blurb have created an ingenious system that allows you to create your very own book. The books can display a mixture of photographs, artwork and/or text and are perfect for creating a really special wedding keepsake. There are a million and one ways to use Blurb in relation to your nuptials but I especially love the idea of creating a book that is passed around during the drinks reception that tells the story of how you met and got together. I also love, love, love the thought of creating customised fairytale books to keep the little ones entertained during dinner.

If you’d like the chance of winning one of the vouchers just leave a comment explaining what you’d put in your book (doesn’t have to be wedding related) and the winners will be chosen at random and announced here next Monday the 22nd of Feb.

Good luck!


Yesterday I had a great day over at the RSVP show in Islington. As you might be able to tell from it’s name, the show is all about events and is a great place to meet suppliers and to see what’s new on the block. Although predominantly geered towards the corporate events industry there are always lots of great wedding suppliers to meet, nice food to taste and astonishing things to see (this year featured a very brave, topless, body painted lady!).

Among my favorite suppliers were MYdrap who produce disposable cotton linen that comes on a roll! The company offer a selection of colours and sizes from coasters to placemats and each piece simply tears off just like kitchenroll – a fantastic and really cost effective way of adding a spalsh of colour to your tables. The linen is 100% biodegrabable (the company advise adding them to your fabric recycling) but can be laundered and reused a limited number of times; great for those first few parties as Mr and Mrs!


Another favourite exhibitor were Madhen who sang up an 80s-tastic storm and had a whole aisle of visitors bopping along to a particularly good rendition of Sweet Dreams by the Eurhythmics. Madhen do 5 different acts including a Blondie tribute acts and Helen the lead singer looks so like Debbie Harry that I did a double take!


I also met the lovely ladies from Granger Hertzog, a props company who do lots of beautiful furniture and accesories including the amazing chairs below, perfect if your venue is a ‘blank canvass’ and you’re looking for one or two pieces to make it feel a little more like home.


Real Wedding: Libby and David III

A few more details from David and Libby’s wedding:

The day was wonderfully Scottish. Bagpipes were played on the church steps (making all the hairs on the back of my neck stand up), the majority of the men were in kilts and the evening reception was a Ceilidh. What a hoot! The music was fab, it was great to see so many guests up and dancing and hilarious trying to get all the steps right. Plus it was super sociable due to all the impromptu partner swapping (my favourite move was ‘the basket’ where two couples make a kind of circle and the guys swing the girls up, off the floor – it was like being on a funfair ride!)

In place of the first dance the bride, groom and their bridal party dancing a ‘Strip the Willow’, another high speed ceilidh dance.

Finally, the stationery. Below are the orders of service which were little concertinas containing all neccessary information along with some lovely shots of the couple and the Scottish Highlands. Aren’t they lovely? I’m in love with the colours they used here.

And last but not least are these little concertina beauties that were used to decorate the tables. Cute childhood photos galore!

Congratulations David and Libby!

Planning Tricks: Escaping the Boredom

I always think that without a little bit of care and attention weddings can perhaps become……a little bit, well…boring! As a wedding planner I know I probably shouldn’t say that but it’s those pesky line up photos that can do it you see. Plus the fact that some guests might only know the person they came with in addition to the bride and groom. And that would all be fine (it is the bride and groom’s day after all) except for the fact that in my experience, bored guests make for a somber party atmosphere. And lets face it if you’re spending all that cash you want to throw a great party!

With a little thought and attention, it’s so easy to create a great atmosphere & get your guests to share the love and mingle a bit. One of my favourites is the classic treasure hunt (customised to your wedding’s theme of course)! Chocolate egg hunts for Spring, flower fairy hunts for enchanted woodland weddings and butterfly hunts for the summer (no real butterflies please!).

In addition, all sorts of variations of the classic guest book are currently taking the wedding world by storm. From the polaroid guest book to makeshift ‘studios’ made from a piece of draped fabric and even real photo booths, some of the results are hilarious and make fantastic keepsakes. I particularly loved the blackboard set up that these super-talented school-sweethearts had at their primary school themed wedding which was featured in Martha a few years ago. Guests wrote well-wishes onto a blackboard and then had their photos taken alongside their scribblings. Such a great idea!

Finally an idea of my own that I’d love to see would be kite flying. There’s a little boy who flies his kite out on the field near my house and I always think that it would be great fun to do in a big group at a wedding. As always, at the right wedding in the right location but I think this would be a great source of entertainment for kids and oldies alike!

Happy Monday!

Photo Credit: Flickr