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Lauren Luke: Zoom Zoom!

If you’re a Guardian reader you’ll know all out Lauren Luke, the latest youtube phenomenon to take the world by storm. A complete fairytale, Lauren; a single mum from South Sheilds, has gained celebrity status by posting the makeup tutorials she films in her bedroom. Having achieved a cult following, Lauren has just launched a weekly Guardian column and is soon due to have her own range of makeup.

Lots of brides mention that they want to do their makeup themselves – something I always try to disuade them from (wedding day nerves can complicate just about everything and professional artists really can work wonders), however if a makeup artist really isn’t for you then Lauren in your lady! With tutorials in nearly every look under the sun, product recommendations galore and videos you can watch again until you get things just right, I have to say I am quite addicted to listening to Lauren’s gentle Geordie! My favourite tutorials are the Beauty Basics Foundation and Lauren’s Cheryl Cole.

Happy viewing!

I Heart: Clinique Body Butter

Having been blessed with dry sensitive skin I’m always on the look out for the latest wonder potion to make my skin silky smooth. That was until I stumbled over Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter which is the only body moisturizer that has ever made any real different to my skin. This fabulous stuff is thick without being greasy (hooray!), quickly absorbed and you can still feel it working hours after application. It’s not exactly cheap at £19.50 a tub (and the wasteful/misleading packaging is a sore point) but you only need to use sparingly and if you’re looking for smooth wedding day skin this could just be the ticket!

Anyone else have any miracle worker beauty products?