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Fake Enquiries: All Hail Kings Larry

Most weeks I receive several fake enquiries. Which is annoying. Very annoying. If all of these enquiries were real, WBZL would need a staff of about 10 people and our bid for world domination would be very much in full flow!

Anyway, yesterday I received one such enquiry from ‘Kings Larry’ (sensational name btw Larry, maybe next time go for something a little less conspicuous) that was just so priceless I thought it only fair to share it with you dear readers. So here is an excerpt:

“I am getting married on June 16 2008, in Westharm uk. But i dnt know if you will be able to help me plan the wedding seen am in the States and my Luv is in Canada.”

Now Larry, besides the fact that there is nowhere in the UK called Westharm (research is the key my dear Larry) I have to say that expecting me to plan an entire wedding in 13 days is a little extreme. However you really did seal your fate with:

“attaching a preview of my wife so that you can know whats going to fit her”.

Brilliant, quite simply brilliant. Thank you Kings Larry for filling the office with boisterous laughter on an otherwise quiet Tuesday afternoon.