Design Concept: Ice Cream Sundae

My lovely mum came up with the initial idea for this concept & I don’t think I’m going to say much more about it! I’m thinking a Neapolitan icecream colour palette, a retro ice cream van & a ‘candy bar’ with lots of swirly lollipops for the reception!


Photo credits:
Veil & icecream: Brides
Pompoms: Martha Stewart
Ice cream van: Superdry87
Dress: Vintage Studio via Peonies
Bottles: Lorina
Cookies: Peggy Porschen
Cupcakes: BBC Food
Ice cream parlor: PopKulture

3 thoughts on “Design Concept: Ice Cream Sundae

  1. Meg

    You do these lighthearted boards so well. I love this, becuase we’re going for a similar fun low key summer vibe.

  2. starlet

    I agree, your Design Concepts are amongst the best I’ve seen.

    I think the bottles are so cute!

    Also, the cup cakes look amazing. Even someone like me might be able to decorate those. I notice one of the weddings featured on your has a heart shaped cake with raspberries round the end – stunning!!

    Thank you for such gorgeous ideas!!!


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