Design Concept: Wedgewood Blue, Ivory and Gold

More than ever, I’m finding myself influenced by the weather. I’m desperate for Spring but also loving the remaining clear, crisp days of Winter. So when the heavens opened and unexpectedly deposited half of Antarctica over London, I knew it was time for a board that reflected the delicate, ethereal quality of these last few Winter weeks.


This board is all about understated elegance. I love its timeless grace and the way the ivory and Wedgwood blue are brought to life by the slightest addition of gold.

Tea in beautiful cups, opulent macaroons, the stunning Blenhiem Palace, blossom centrepieces and blousy rose bouquets. All perfect for a beautiful, dream-like, post-winter, pre-spring wedding day!

Photo credits:
Bouquet: Wedding Magazine
Gown, hair, mirror and bridemaid: Brides
Venue: Blenheim Palace
Cake: Cake Girls
Macaroons: Laudree
Teacup and blossom: Flickr here and here
Stationery: Borrowed Blue Press

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