Vintage Headbands

I’m loving these beautiful vintage style headbands from Sheena Holland, perfect for brides and maids alike! Each headband is a one off design and prices start from just £45.


Now, I just need to find a reason why I must wear one of these in the office.

5 thoughts on “Vintage Headbands

  1. k

    Really beautiful! There’s another source,, which has equally unique and truly elegant headbands and flower clips perfect for special occasions as well as every day. The ones I’ve bought are not only gorgeous but comfortable AND affordable!

  2. Tara

    These are gorgeous. I have been on an exotic headband binge since the chopping of my long locks and these take the cake! I have seen some interesting ones but they tend to have rediculous price points. If i cant jam one of these on my head then ill assign them to the bridesmaids!


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