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Don’t Forget the Loos

When we’re viewing new venues one thing we’re always sure to do is scout out the toilets. Although this might sound a little bit odd we firmly believe that with weddings it’s all about the finishing touches and grotty loos are one of the last things you want on your wedding day.

On the day itself it’s easy to neglect the loos however, more often than not – and of course this is especially for The Ladies – the loos become a gathering place, so it’s nice to make sure they’re really comfortable. At our weddings we like to add scented candles, scattered petals and, if not provided by the venue, some luxury hand soap and lotion. If you want to go further, it’s also nice to add a few basic bits and pieces such as hair pins, blister plasters and deodorant to ensure guests are as comfortable as possible.

Wedding Favour Ideas

Going about our daily business, we meet lots of people with lots of different opinions about various wedding trends and traditions. Occasionally, we meet people who haven’t got much time for the humble wedding favour; many couples don’t feel the need for this additional expense and besides aren’t sure what’s available other than sugared almonds. Being all about the details, unsurprisingly we don’t feel the same!

Not only are favours a great way of injecting personality into your wedding, they’re perfect for decorating place settings and are also a great way of thanking guests for turning up. It might seem strange to thank people for attending your big day but here at WBZL, we thinks it’s a really important point that often gets brushed aside. So often guests have traveled from far and wide, spent a small fortune on a new outfit and a lovely gift, paid for accommodation or even taken a day off work so a small token of gratitude doesn’t seem unreasonable. Below are just some of our favourite favour ideas, lots of which can be homemade for next to nothing or bought if you don’t have the time nor the inclination.

Big, swirly lollipops

Moustaches on sticks (great for hilarious photographs)

Christmas tree decorations (tied with ribbon and with place names attached)

Flavoured olive oil

Potted herbs (mint, lavender and thyme are our favourites)

Pretty napkin rings

Gourmet ground coffee

Cosmetic miniatures

Jars of Jam (homemade if you like but definately finished with personalised labels and pretty ribbons)Welsh Love Spoons

Mini bath bombs

Feather butterflies (from Covent Garden flower market where they cost next to nothing)

Herbal tea bags (again with personalised labels)

Potted strawberry plants

Paper windmills

Moo sticker books

A wooden letter of the guest’s initial (again doubling as a place name)

A single flower stem

Origami birds

A chocolate bar with personalised labels

Customised pin badges

Macaroons (I know, I know, they have been ‘done’. That being said they are too pretty and too delicious to stop using now.)

Happy planning!

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