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No Words

There are just no words for how awful this is. It’s the “no, no, no, no” bit that gets me every time. That and the audible gasp from guests. I don’t want to watch it but can’t seem to stop!

Monique Lhuillier Fall 2009

Monique Lhuillier will always be one of my favourite bridal designers. Her designs are always so feminine and classic whilst also being so innovative. She was hugely influential in starting the sash and lace trends of that took the bridal world by storm in 2005 and for me, her work just seems to get better and better. This new collection is so beautiful it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

And how stunning are those single tier catherdral length veils? Very. New trend I wonder?


Real Wedding: Enchanted Woodland

I’m slowly gathering myself together after Tom and Susie’s too-beautiful-for-words wedding on Saturday. True to form I didn’t get a second to snap any photographs but once again, it was fantastic to see so many ideas from the original design concept come to life. This wedding was filled with personalised, finishing touches (much to the delight of cooing guests) which meant the venue really felt like Susie and Tom’s for the day. These finishing touches included: chocolate bars on ceremony seats, leaves strewn down the aisle, framed photographs of the couple, their families and friends dotted around the venue, handmade jam favours, apple place cards, haybale seating for the evening, flip flops for comfortable late-night dancing, sky lanterns and sparklers. Phew! It really was a beautiful, autumnal wedding day.

The whole event went without a hitch despite a rocky start when we arrived to find a very distressed crow fluttering around the ceremony hall! After a few minutes of teeth gnashing and window opening the very clever and helpful venue owner suggested closing all the shutters and opening a single door which thankfully worked like a charm!

Another great thing about this wedding was the multiple use of floral arrangements. A large piece used for the ‘alter’ doubled up as a top table arrangement and then returned to the hall for the evening reception, ‘pew’ ends were reused as chair backs during dinner and then returned to the hall for the evening whilst the table centres were also moved and reused for the evening’s celebrations. Doing this not only meant a smaller flower bill but also that arrangements were really used, both great in terms of being environmentally friendly.

The wedding was the first time my name has made it into the speeches which was a huge, huge honour. Spectacularly I managed to miss the moment (I was scurrying around sorting out decorations for the evening) but I’m quite relieved as no doubt I’d have ended up having a quick blub. In any case, as the groom had learnt the speech by rote, he happily did a second version of it and I have the video to look forward to.

Finally, Thanks to my lovely assistant Helen who did a fantastic job and huge congratulations to Tom and Susie! Pictures to follow soon….

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I Heart: Chartula

Last week at the Designer Wedding Show I got the chance catch up with the super-lovely Charlotte Hewson of Chartula Stationery. Charlotte was there showcasing the latest additions to her gorgeous range of laser cut stationery (I’m head-over heels for the new snowflake design,) in addition to launching her fabulous new Create range. Pictured below, this fantastic new option not only gives you the Chartula magic for a fraction of the cost but also gives all you crafty brides a chance to flex your creative muscles. Create allows you to pick from a range of ready-made covers, inserts, ribbons and envelopes, the whole lot is then posted to you (with instructions) and you get to print out the inserts and put the whole thing together yourself! Pure Genius! The new range is priced from £2.50 an invite and will be available from mid November. I love it!

Design Concept: London

There is something very special, almost magical about weddings in central London. The contrast of a wedding against the hustle and bustle of the city creates a truly unique atmosphere. This Design Concept is therefore all about contrast. Style wise this wedding is part modern, part retro; a bride with a short dress and bold scarlett shoes, a cage veil, a sleek modern venue, a vintage Routemaster, delicious contemporary food and a fantastic band. I’d like to see a photobooth for some hilarious guests photos and invitations that make the most of the skyline graphic.

Colourwise, this board is all about the red which again would make for a great contrast against the grey of London. It all sounds like a ball to me!

Photo credits:
Chocolate bars: Style me Pretty
Venue: The Gherkin
Dhalias: The Bride’s Cafe
Cupcakes: Not Martha
Venue: Snippet and Ink
Tube map and underground sign: TFL
Routemaster bus: BBC
Skyline: Via Kathleen Clancy

Jam Favours

In a couple of weeks it’s Susie and Tom’s enchanted woodland wedding. We’re excited to see lots of our ideas from the initial design board coming to life and looking forward to seeing guests’ reaction when they see all the things Tom and Susie have planned for them. It’s going to be a bea-utiful day!

Owing to my love of jam making, a few weeks ago Susie came round and we spent the day turning a crate of apples into the most delicious apple jam. Some cutting, sticking and ribbon tying later, here’s the finished product.

Aren’t they cute? Perfect for the rustic, countryside feel of the day.

I love jam making, it’s soothing for the soul and jam makes the most perfect favours. It’s cheap, easy to make and if you have a team of willing and able volunteers can make for a great pre-wedding bonding exercise.

Happy Wednesday!

I Heart: Vineyard

Beautiful, beautiful dresses from Vineyard at Priscilla of Boston:

There seems to be a bit of confusion between websites whether these are from the 08 or 09 collection but either way they’re beautiful.

Happy weekend!

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