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Rethinking Gypsophila

Yesterday one of my favourite wedding blogs (and one of the best out there for wedding eye candy), The Brides Café featured a stunning wedding that exclusively used Gypsophila for all of the floral arrangements. And oh my, the results are breathtaking!


For a long time I have regarded Gypsophila as out dated but this wedding is so beautiful and the floral arrangements are so effective that I have been forced to have a rethink!

The bloom works so well here because the bride and groom have carefully contrasted the delicate almost ‘fussy’ gypsophila with beautiful clean lines elsewhere in the wedding. The bride’s simple a-line dress with beautiful crystal detailing works perfectly against the complex detail of the Gypsophila and creates an almost ethereal feel.

And the absolute BEST thing about it all…Gypsophila is super cheap. Super doper cheap. So you could have dozens and dozens of floral arrangements and keep well within a small budget. That’s a real winner in my book!

Photo Credit:
Sedona Bride


If you’re on the button (or if you don’t read this blog via an email or reader) you might have noticed that over the weekend we launched our rebranded website and blog. The new look is clean, contemporary and much less ‘pretty’ than before. The blog is now very simple and perhaps even a little stark and but I really wanted a blank canvass to display the design boards as opposed to the previous layout which I felt was sometimes a little bit distracting. It’s a big change and we’re quite nervous seeing as so many people commented on how much they liked our previous branding and website but change is good and we’re excited about the next phase in our business. So we hope you like it but if you don’t and you can’t stand the look of it maybe think about subscribing to the blog in a reader!!

Happy Wednesday (Wednesday already?? Eek)!!!

Design Concept: Rhubarb Pink & Chocolate Brown


I imagine today’s Design Concept taking place in an urban setting, perhaps even a modern restaurant rather than a dedicated ‘wedding venue’. I’m imagining a couple who appreciate clean design & who want a ‘frill’ free wedding. A bride who wants to look feminine but not over-done or too ‘bridal’ and a groom who wants to wear Converse trainers and a chocolate brown suit.
I really like simplicity of this type of wedding and think it would be easy to achieve on big and small budgets alike. For the bridesmaids, I love the idea of simple (& cheap!) high street sundresses in different shades of pink teamed with simple golden sandals.
I really love the colour palette for this concept but if you’re thinking it’s perhaps too pink and girly, aquamarines and teals would also work perfectly.

Photo Credits:
Dress, sandals and light pink dress: J Crew
Dessert bar: Taste via SMP
Cake: Lovinsullivan via SMP (that cake is to DIE for)
Calligraphy: Laura Hooper (amazingly talented supplier)
Hair pins: Etsy
Invitations: Hello!Lucky
Dress: Oasis
Pendant: Sonya Renee via SMP
Hairstyle: Brides

What’s New Pussy Cat?

We’re undergoing a bit of a re-brand over here & today our sparkly new business cards arrived. New website (& redesigned blog) coming any day now. How very exciting!

We’re also super excited to be featured in the News section of Wedding which is doubly nice because we’re also in the current edition of the magazine. So hello if you’ve made your way here via the magazine or website. Lovely to have you!

Planning Tricks: Escaping the Boredom

I always think that without a little bit of care and attention weddings can perhaps become……a little bit, well…boring! As a wedding planner I know I probably shouldn’t say that but it’s those pesky line up photos that can do it you see. Plus the fact that some guests might only know the person they came with in addition to the bride and groom. And that would all be fine (it is the bride and groom’s day after all) except for the fact that in my experience, bored guests make for a somber party atmosphere. And lets face it if you’re spending all that cash you want to throw a great party!

With a little thought and attention, it’s so easy to create a great atmosphere & get your guests to share the love and mingle a bit. One of my favourites is the classic treasure hunt (customised to your wedding’s theme of course)! Chocolate egg hunts for Spring, flower fairy hunts for enchanted woodland weddings and butterfly hunts for the summer (no real butterflies please!).

In addition, all sorts of variations of the classic guest book are currently taking the wedding world by storm. From the polaroid guest book to makeshift ‘studios’ made from a piece of draped fabric and even real photo booths, some of the results are hilarious and make fantastic keepsakes. I particularly loved the blackboard set up that these super-talented school-sweethearts had at their primary school themed wedding which was featured in Martha a few years ago. Guests wrote well-wishes onto a blackboard and then had their photos taken alongside their scribblings. Such a great idea!

Finally an idea of my own that I’d love to see would be kite flying. There’s a little boy who flies his kite out on the field near my house and I always think that it would be great fun to do in a big group at a wedding. As always, at the right wedding in the right location but I think this would be a great source of entertainment for kids and oldies alike!

Happy Monday!

Photo Credit: Flickr

Things I’m excited about

Number 1: Sale on at the wonderful Cox and Cox!!! Eeeek. How exciting. I am most excited about the 15% discount they have on this gorgeous Sophie Conran china. I am lucky enough to have a sizeable collection of this beautiful stuff already but I’m always interested in expansion! I am currently missing this gorgeous pouring bowl:

(if you’re thinking about choosing Sophie Conran china for your wedding list, do it! It’s perfect for everyday & fancy (love that word), super durable and goes in the dishwasher. What more could a person want!)

Also on sale is this charming Luxembourg Ribbon:

Number 2: New Vera Wang fragrance!

Word is that Vera is launching a new fragrance called Bouquet. Featuring notes of narcissus, honeysuckle and lavender, the new scent is due to hit the shops from the 18th of August. I’m a big fan of Truly Pink so looking forward to what Vera has in store for us with Bouquet.

It’s Quirky & I like it!

My husband works for an arts festival & this morning he forwarded an email to me about this very quirky mobile restaurant:

Here’s what the email said:

“MALINKEYS consists of a fully equipped kitchen, a small cocktail bar and covered seating capacity for 80, downstairs and upstairs (which has the most fabulous views). We have had 3 events since opening only 3 weeks ago, which have received rave reviews and repeat bookings. Our events so far have been designed around the 1920′s theme to add a bit of theatre and fun. The staff dress in costumes, we play 1920′s music and serve a variety of fun food however one of our unique selling points, is that our fully fitted kitchen and trained staff can provide a varied menu to suit your event. We have all the food hygiene training required plus a certificate in personal licensing. We are insured with NCASS, have full structural engineering and fire certificates and are registered with Sedgemoor District Council. If you would like to know more we would be pleased to hear from you. Please call Toby on 01934 713200/07810736481 or Tina on 07899893005″

If you’re looking for an unusual venue to get guests talking this could just be it!