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Design Concept: Fiesta Sunset


I really love the colour palette of this latest design concept, it reminds me of summer sunsets and cocktails! I like that the colours are bold without being lurid and theme wise I’m imagining a subtle Spanish influence, maybe a salsa band or a piñata?
For me, this board has really highlighted how fun and effective dahlias can be. I just love the chair back; the bloom’s solid structure teamed with it’s quirky edge. And just how cute is that bridesmaid’s dress? So pretty and feminine and at £40 it’s budget friendly too. I’m also totally in love with the invitation by Nantaka Joy and I think the cube wedding cakes give the board a modern, classy edge.

Photo credits:
Invitation: Nantaka Joy
Tart, cakes, whiskey sour and hearts: Martha Stewart
Streamers: Cox & Cox
Dahlia: Brides
Dress: Oasis
Marquee: Sherman Chu via the A Listers

I Heart: The Real Flower Company

Today we’re featuring one of my absolute favourite British suppliers, The Real Flower Company. This amazing company grow the most beautiful roses I have ever seen and their big, blousy blooms never fail to make my heart skip a beat!
Based in Hampshire, the company have championed the use of scented flowers, something that sadly, seems to have been forgotten by most commercial growers. The company have also pioneered the use of scented herbs such as lavender, mint and oregano in arrangements. All in all making for the most beautiful, perfumed arrangements I have ever seen.
Scent and aroma is something which is rarely considered at weddings, however having worked with these beautiful blooms, I can really say that they add an extra dimension to celebrations.
If you’re not located in the Southeast don’t fret! The company offer trade sales and will happily work with your florist to create the wedding flowers of your dreams.

Design Concept: Picnic Wedding

I’m currently going a bit crazy over picnic weddings. I love, love, love the idea of giving guests baskets or hampers filled with delicious food and sitting down on the riverbank in the summer sun. I’m picturing miniature bottles of champagne, outdoor games lots of twinkling lights and maybe even kite flying.

Admittedly the unpredictable British weather might get in the way of my idyllic dream but I think with a marquee on standby and for use during the evening, this could be a really effective theme. I like the simple, countryside feel minus ‘classical’ floral vintage. I really love the bold colour palette too.

I also love that this concept could be done on a small or big budget. If you can afford it, you could really go to town with a caterer and beautifully package everything. On the other hand, if you’re more budget restricted I love the thought of getting a group of bakers together before the wedding to cook up a storm. I’m thinking perhaps batch cooking cherry pies, freezing and defrosting the day before. Something about a community of people getting together before a wedding gives me goose pimples!
For favours I’m thinking wild strawberry plants, decorated with striped red ribbon or maybe paper windmills. Perhaps a ceilidh in the evening? Oh, how lovely!


Photo Credits:
Strawberries, daisies and hampers: stock photography
Lemon Meringue Pie: he@art via Flickr
Lemonade: Julie Lynn via Flickr
Lanterns: Cox & Cox
Blueberries: BBC Good Food
Dress: RaeGun
Tree: A hard drive golden oldie but I’m pretty sure it’s originally from Brides

How To: Star Books

This week was my husband’s birthday and so while he was out, I decided to burn off some creative energy and make him a special birthday book. Now when I say book, it was more of a fancy card but nevertheless, I was really pleased with the finished result and so, of course, my brain immediately started whirring all things wedding! The little books would make beautiful thank you gifts, table features, favours or even invitations if you were feeling especially adventurous.
Below is a guide of how to make these star shaped beauties. Please note the most time consuming part is the designing of your page content and layout. Once you’re past this part it should take you no more than half an hour of cutting, folding and sticking.

You’ll need:
Cutting board complete with centimeter markings
Metal ruler
4 A4 pieces of card
6 A4 pieces of paper (in at least two contrasting colours)
A pencil
Paper glue (Pritt stick)
50cm length of ribbon

1) First you’ll need to design the content and layout of your book. This needs to fit into 5 double page spreads with each spread measuring 13 x 10cm. (I used Adobe InDesign to set a custom page size but this could be done just as easily in Microsoft Word.) For my husband’s book, I wrote a silly little story about the two of us, printed out a couple of pictures and hand wrote a birthday note to him. Sometimes I split each spread into two separate pages and other times I just wrote right across the spread.

2) Print your double page spreads onto coloured paper. Using a craft knife, cutting board and metal ruler, cut the double page spreads into rectangles measuring 13 x 10cm.

3) Take three pieces of card and cut five rectangles, each measuring 16 x 10cm. (This is made much easier by using a cutting board with centimeter markings as you needn’t measure each rectangle out)

4) Take the remaining coloured paper and in the same way, cut five rectangles each measuring 14 x 10 cm.

5) Next, take all of the rectangles (you should have 15 in total; 5 printed, 5 card and 5 plain) and using a pencil, mark the midpoint at the top and bottom of the longest edge i.e. at 8cm for the card rectangles, 7cm for the plain and 6.5cm for the printed.

6) Now, take your creasing board and align the midpoint marks on one of the rectangles with a groove in the creasing board. Firmly run the creasing tool along the groove, creating a crease down the rectangle’s midline. Fold down along the crease, making the rectangle look like a miniature greetings card. Repeat this with all 15 rectangles.

7) Take the cardboard rectangles, open them out flat and place on your work surface so that the central crease folds out towards you. Apply a 1cm wide line of glue along the left and right edges of 3 of the rectangles. Now, stick the three rectangles together to create a concertina style chain (please see picture).

8) Take the remaining two rectangles and apply a 1 cm wide line of glue to the right edge of one and to the left edge of the other. Attach these rectangles to the concertina to create a chain of five folded rectangles.

9) Next, take the 5 plain paper rectangles and as before, open them out flat so that the central crease folds out towards you. In the same way as before, apply a 1cm wide line of glue to the left and right edges of each rectangle. Stick one paper rectangle inside each of the cardboard rectangles, being careful to neatly align the edges.

10) Repeat this process using your printed spreads.

11) Now, take the ribbon and cut it into two equal lengths. Using super glue, stick one length to the front of the concertina and one length to the back.

12) Next, take the remaining A4 piece of cardboard and cut a cover rectangle measuring 17 x 10 cm. Just as before, mark and crease down the 8.5cm central line. Once again, open out the cover rectangle and place so that the central crease folds towards you. Then using the same method as before, mark and crease two lines 0.5cm either side of the central crease.

13) Finally, open the cover out flat and with the central crease folding out towards you, apply glue everywhere except between the three creases. Now, take the concertina of rectangles and stick them inside the cover, ensuring that the book will open the right way round.

14) Close the book and tie the lengths of ribbon together in a bow.


Planning Trick: False Starts & Pre Ceremony Music

Today, we’re really excited to be launching a series of Planning Tricks. In this section, we’re going to be posting some of the simple ways we’ve learnt to make your wedding day that much more of a success. We hope you’ll enjoy and if you have any tricks of your own please contact us.

False Starts and Pre Ceremony Music: If you’ve ever been a guest at a wedding you’ll know all about the strange phenomenon of false starts. As the bride’s arrival draws ever near, waves of silence seem to move across guests and whispers of “is she here yet” fly around the room. As the minutes pass, these false starts happen more frequently, for longer periods of time and can create a strange, almost flat atmosphere. To avoid this, simply play some background music to stop any awkward silences. My absolute favourites are Zero 7, Sigur Ros and The Cinematic Orchestra as ambient music works perfectly for this part of the day.

I Heart: Ribbon

Just last week, I bought the Spring 2008 edition of Martha Stewart Weddings. I love this magazine with all its beautiful weddings and clever ideas. This edition has a lovely feature all about streamers and ribbons and one of the pictures is of the most beautiful flowergirl’s outfit! In fact the outfit is so beautiful I felt it deserved it’s own post. So here you go:

There is so much I love about this outfit but especially the multi-toned cummerbund and the adorable shoes. I LOVE those shoes! MS have been very clever here and rather than finding shoes to match the yellow colour palette (a nightmare I’m sure), they’ve tied ribbon around the arches of the flowergirl’s feet and popped the shoes on afterwards. Despite being ingenious, I’m just not sure how long a flowergirl would stand having ribbons tied around her feet and wonder if it would be better to superglue lengths of ribbon to the inside of each shoe? I also think it would be a good idea to do a trial run of these shoes before the big day, just to see how long the bows stay tied.

Photo Credit:
Martha Stewart Weddings

Design Concept: Violet and Green

Our latest design concept is centered around a colour palette of violet and green. Inspired by the grape hyacinths that seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment, I’m slightly obsessed with the mouth watering combination of these two shades. When I was constructing this board, I found it hard to decide between a soft, delicate look or a more structured, minimalist feel. In the end I think I found a happy medium and I’m really pleased with the overall fresh and pretty feel. The Monique Lhuillier gown is simply stunning, so simple and elegant whilst the crisp white bunting gives the concept a quirky edge.


Photo Credits:

Flowers: Martha Stewart Weddings
Pea Pod Necklace: Rachael Sudlow
Bridal Gown: Monique Lhuillier
Cake: Cheryl Kleinman
Dress: J Crew
Bunting: Cox and Cox
Tart: BBC Good Food
Ring dish: Paloma’s Nest
Invitation: Snap and Tumble
Umbrella: Project Wedding

The Glamorous Life of a Wedding Planner

Although being a wedding planner isn’t as glamorous as people always think, a couple of weeks ago I was very excited to appear on BBC breakfast news talking about the changes the Anglican Church are making to the laws surrounding where you can get married. It was a very early start (3.45am!) but a great, if not nerve-wracking experience! Bill and Sian were very lovely as was the floor manager Peter. I was very surprised by how low-key the whole setup is; the studio is much smaller than it appears and there was only one camera lady in the whole studio!
We’re all for the changes in the law which see the Anglican Church recognising that parish boundaries are an outdated concept when it comes to tying the knot.

Design Concept: Love Birds

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been putting a design board and colour palette around together around the theme of ‘Love Birds’. I love this concept, two beautiful birds who only have eyes for each other and as a hopeless romantic, think it’s perfect for a wedding.

The board is centered around the stunning love bird graphic which has been patiently waiting on my hard drive for a couple of years now (unfortunately I’m not sure where it’s from, any suggestions gratefully received). As for the colour palette, I’m in love with the vibrant but slightly muted colours which create a carnival atmosphere without being garish.
The whole concept would be perfect for a late summer celebration and I picture it in a unconventional venue, perhaps somewhere like the Royal Pavilion in Brighton.


Photo Credits:
Dresses: J Crew
Pencils: Cox & Cox
Feathers: MacCulloch & Wallis
Macaroons: Ladurée
Wreath: Raggedroses
Flowers: Martha Stewart Weddings


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